Why Choose Our Institutional Consulting Services?

An Investment Policy that Works with You and For You

Our institutional consultants develop an investment policy that reflects your organization’s asset management and fiduciary needs. By working hand-in-hand with the key members of your fund’s management group, we can address investment and management recommendations for existing assets while also developing new strategies for asset reserves.

Objectivity and Transparency

We are not affiliated with any bank or money manager. We bring the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility to our institutional clients:

  • Full disclosure of any conflict of interest: our recommendations are not swayed by hidden agendas.
  • Transparent compensation structure: we tell you how we are compensated
  • Clearly and regularly educate clients of financial and investment strategies
  • Bring clarity to your investments with appropriate and timely communication of results

Six steps to Institutional Consulting: 1 Ficuciary Education & Guidance; 2 Investment Policy Statement Development; 3 Asset Allocation Design & Review; 4 Money Manager Searches; 5 Portfolio Implementation; 6 Performance Monitoring & Measurement What You Can Expect as an Institutional Client

We provide investment solutions custom-designed to meet the unique circumstances of your organization. Backed by years of experience in institutional money management, we give you a team of experts to help guide you and your board on the policies and processes necessary to achieve long-term fund and organizational goals.

Understanding your needs is our top priority. Our proprietary discovery process helps us gain a deep understanding of the goals of your organization. This enables us to provide you with the tools you need to help protect your institution’s assets and support their growth.