Why Choose Family Office Services?

Family Office Advisor Specialists

Our fiduciary advisors are well versed in the dynamics and unique complexities of managing family wealth. We can provide clarity by designing and facilitating an investment program that is right for your family and aligns with your common financial goals.

Socially Responsible Investing

Our access to a broad range of resources enables us to provide fully customized portfolios that can meet your social and ethical standards without sacrificing the core of our investment philosophy: tax-efficiency, diversification, low fees, and long-term planning.

Our goal is to provide you with investment advice rooted in the values that are most important to you and that impact the larger communities we share.

We Are Fiduciaries

Our registered investment advisors address your family wealth management needs with fiduciary care and responsibility. We are legally held to this standard, which means we must act in the best interest of our clients. This means that your interests, your family’s interests or your foundation’s interests always come first.

Experience & Resources

Family Office Services provides a comprehensive approach to managing your family's financial life. We attend to the tasks of your financial lives in a setting of confidentiality and with thorough knowledge of your family’s personal and financial objectives. Our understanding of your family is most important.

With an average of over 15 years of experience, members of our investment and consulting staff include:

  • Investment Advisors
  • Certified Financial Planners™ (CFP®)
  • Personal Financial Specialists
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Estate Planners
  • Certified Financial Analysts

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