Our Team

Our people are the foundation of our client-centric approach and advisory model. Our financial advisors and staff are passionate about helping people successfully manage their financial lives and building solid relationships with our clients. Everything we do is grounded in our core values and investment philosophy.  We count on each team member to consistently deliver high quality service and demonstrate the value of our principles and philosophy.
Alex Schremp - Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Alex Schremp

Associate Advisor
Amanda Molin - Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Amanda Molin

Associate Advisor
Amanda Liberatore headshot

Amanda Liberatore

Content Marketing Specialist
Amy Libertoski headshot

Amy L. Libertoski

Principal, Senior Financial Advisor
Andrew Harkin headshot

Andrew Harkin

Operations Associate
Anthony Perillo, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Anthony Perillo

Financial Advisor

Ben Watson

Technology Manager
Benjamin Hayes, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Benjamin Hayes

Principal, Senior Financial Advisor
Beth Gillihan Headshot

Beth Gillihan

Client Service Specialist
Blake Faust headshot

Blake Faust

Financial Advisor
Brad Mueller headshot

Brad Mueller

Brendan Gallagher headshot

Brendan Gallagher

Strategic Marketing Manager
Carolyn Kelly headshot

Carolyn Kelly

Financial Advisor
Cary Rogers headshot

Cary Rogers

Client Service Specialist
Cassandra Latsios Headshot

Cassandra Latsios

Financial Advisor
Chelsea Blakeley headshot

Chelsea Blakeley

Client Service Specialist
Chris Anderson headshot

Chris Anderson

Senior Operations Associate
Christina Gann Munguia headshot

Christina Gann Munguia

Associate Advisor
Christine Armstrong headshot

Christine Armstrong

Family Office Specialist
Clay Iwanaga-Friedman

Clay Iwanaga-Friedman

Compliance Associate
Connie Roedel Wipfli

Connie Roedel

Private Client Services
Dan Holdridge Headshot Wipfli Hewins

Daniel Holdridge

Associate Advisor
Dean Stange headshot

Dean T. Stange

Principal, Senior Financial Advisor

Denise Rodriguez

Insurance Operations Associate
Derec Mieden headshot

Derec Mieden

Financial Advisor

Derek France

Trading Associate
Dillon Craig headshot

Dillon Craig

Senior Trading Associate
Eric Donner, Senior Financial Advisor, Hewins Financial

Eric Donner

Senior Financial Advisor
Erika Young headshot

Erika Young

Director of Employer Plan Services
Gennady Bekasov - Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Gennady Bekasov, MBA

Chief Compliance Officer

Geri Hastings

Staff Accountant
Gloria Klimek, Hewins Financial Advisors

Gloria Klimeck

HR Generalist
Greg Sintow headshot

Greg Sintow

Principal, Regional Director
Gretchen Halpin headshot, Hewins Financial

Gretchen Halpin

Principal, Chief Strategy Officer
Jandy Rowe headshot

Jandy Rowe

Principal, Director of Client Service
Jedd Nicolas Headshot

Jedd Nicolas

Financial Advisor
Jennifer McEachin Hewins Financial Advisors

Jennifer McEachin

Marketing Associate
Jesika Cole Hewins Financial Advisors

Jesika Cole

Client Service Specialist

Jian Zhang

Investment Associate
Jim Quinlan - Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Jim Quinlan

Senior Financial Advisor
John Bussel headshot

John Bussel

Principal, Chief Investment Officer, Regional Director
Jojo Li

Jojo Li

Associate Advisor
Jordan Mills headshot

Jordan Lochner Mills

Senior Financial Advisor
Julie Brown Hewins Financial

Julie Brown

Client Service Specialist
Julie Nichols Headshot

Julie Nichols

Principal, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Financial Advisor
Julie Honness

Julie Honness

Creative Director
Ka-Tye Koo headshot

Ka-Tye Koo

Principal, Operations Manager
Karl Schwartz headshot

Karl Schwartz

Principal, Senior Financial Advisor
Katie Calagui Hewins Financial

Katie Calagui

Director of Talent Management
Kevin Paul headshot

Kevin C. Paul

Financial Advisor
Kimberly Nguyen headshot

Kimberly Velasco

Associate Advisor
 Kris Mauger headshot

Kris Mauger

Senior Client Service Specialist
Lacey Fisher, Wipfli Hewins

Lacey Fisher

Associate Advisor
Leah Schmid, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Leah Schmid

Associate Advisor
Lora Murphy Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Lora Murphy

Principal, Senior Financial Advisor
Mark Albers headshot

Mark Albers

Senior Financial Advisor
Marshall Lund, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Marshall Lund

Associate Advisor
Martha Post headshot

Martha Post

Principal, Chief Operating Officer
Mary Jo headshot

Mary Jo Galle

Insurance and Brokerage Operations Manager
Megan Olson headshot

Megan Olson

Financial Advisor
Michele Connick headshot

Michele Connick

Reporting Analyst
Mikhael Balachov headshot

Mikhael Balachov

Principal, Director of Operations
Nate Wenner Headshot

Nate Wenner

Principal, Regional Director
Noah Marell headshot

Noah Marell

Financial Advisor
Patrice Cresci headshot

Patrice Cresci

Principal, Regional Director
Patrick Krieger, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors

Patrick Krieger

Associate Advisor
Patrick Brault headshot

Patrick W. Brault

Principal, Regional Director
Rachel Acosta Headshot, Office Coordinator

Rachel Acosta

Office Coordinator
Rafia Hasan headshot

Rafia Hasan

Director of Investments, Financial Advisor
Roger Hewins headshot

Roger Hewins

Ryan McGuire headshot

Ryan McGuire

Financial Advisor
Samantha Stark headshot

Samantha Stark

Associate Advisor
Sara Strohmaier

Sara Strohmaier

Associate Advisor
Scot Roche headshot

Scot P. Roche

Principal, Regional Director
Sergio Campos headshot

Sergio Campos

Technology Associate
Shaina Nonato headshot

Shaina Nonato

Marketing Operations Specialist
Thuong Thien headshot

Thuong Thien

Senior Financial Advisor