A Comprehensive Consulting Services Program

Hewins/Wipfli Hewins works with institutions to develop an investment program that encompasses every aspect of the client’s investment needs, including:

  • Integrated Advisory Services
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Policy Development
  • Manager/Fund Searches
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Fiduciary Resource Selection

Our services focus on the development of a well-defined investment program that includes strategic planning, plan implementation, and evaluation of results.

Fiduciary Guidance and Education

Institutional fund trustees are increasingly challenged with the growing complexities of managing the assets of a retirement plan or charitable organization, and monitoring the funds’ ongoing performance. In developing policies for the investment of institutional funds, trustees are tasked with aligning spending goals with market conditions and investment returns under the pressure of fiduciary liability.

We can provide access to educational opportunities for client trustees, including:

  • Trustee Training & Fiduciary Training Workshops
  • Education Policy Development
  • Actuarial Education
  • Callan Institute & Callan College

Prudent investors know liability results from a poor process, not a poor outcome. Our consultants can help you feel confident that your institution has implemented a good process by providing thorough guidance and education.

Investment Policy Statement Development

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) provides guidance to the board, the staff and the investment services providers.

An IPS contains a clear set of expectations and objectives to meet the institution's investment objectives:

  • Long-term Return Objectives
  • Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Risk/Return Modeling

A well-crafted IPS carefully considers and mitigates risk, evaluates and minimizes costs, and implements and monitors disciplined investment strategies.

Asset Allocation Design and Review

Each institution has a unique investment goal. Our Discovery Process helps us understand your specific organizational goals. Next, our institutional consultants address specific needs with a comprehensive review of the assets, liabilities or spending goals, risks and regulatory environment. Analyses and strategies we employ include:

  • Capital Market Expectations
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Diversified Portfolio Design

Money Manager Searches

Building appropriate manager structures requires sophisticated tools, a dedicated team, and decades of experience in collecting and analyzing money managers and mutual funds. We take into consideration:

  • Traditional and Alternative Managers
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Due Diligence
  • Contract and Fee Negotiation
  • Institutional Mutual Fund Access

Our consultants have the resources needed to screen and recommend unique manager rosters to each client in order to effectively implement the Investment Policy Statement and diversify the asset allocation.

Portfolio Implementation

Our consultants can provide step-by-step assistance to key management groups for a smooth transition to the new portfolio. We serve alongside the Board, committees and staff to achieve full, timely and accurate implementation of the strategy, while simultaneously maintaining cost and tax-awareness. Areas in which we can advise you include:

  • Comprehensive Portfolio Reporting
  • Back Office Support
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Cash Flow Management

Performance Measurement and Monitoring

Ongoing oversight of the portfolio and each of its strategies helps safeguard the institution's assets. Annual reviews of the IPS and periodic reviews of the portfolio allow for adjustments to meet the changes in the market environment or changes in the plan’s risk or return expectations. Components of the review process include:

  • Capital Markets Review
  • Asset Allocation Tracking
  • Peer Group Review
  • Style Benchmark Comparison