Blake Faust

Job Title: Financial Advisor

Designations: CFP®, AIF®

Office: Duluth
Phone: 218.722.4705

Office: Eau Claire
Phone: 715.832.3407

Office: La Crosse
Phone: 608.784.7300

Office: Minneapolis
Phone: 952.548.3400

Office: St. Paul
Phone: 651.636.6468

Focus: Individuals, Families, Retirement Plans, Millennials

Blake Faust firmly believes that the right financial advisor can make a world of difference in a family’s life. In fact, he’s seen the positive impact from both sides of the table: the son of first-generation business owners, Blake observed his parents’ relationship with their own financial advisor. What he remembers most about these meetings is that the advisor wasn’t solely focused on number-crunching, budget-building and portfolio analysis, like one might expect.

“Instead, the advisor started by discussing my parents’ vision for retirement and life after the business,” Blake says. “Together, they formed a personalized, long-term plan around those goals. That struck a chord with me.”

"My clients can count on me to be a trusted advisor for generations to come. I’ll always put their goals, their families and their needs ahead everything else."

- Blake Faust

Blake strives to have the same impact on his clients’ lives — to not only provide specialized knowledge and expertise tailored to their situation, but to provide the peace of mind and confidence they need to create the best-possible outcomes for themselves and their families. Since joining Wipfli Hewins in 2013, Blake has helped his clients successfully plan for and navigate a host of major milestones, from financing their children’s college education to helping their employees save for a sustainable retirement.

Through it all, Blake takes care to ensure that his clients’ investment strategies are diversified, well-constructed and reflective of their long-term goals. Collaborative, thoughtful and diligent in his planning approach, Blake also seeks to develop close working relationships with his clients’ accountants to ensure they’re positioned to reap tax-saving opportunities as they arise. 

A financial plan can represent many things to different advisors — but to Blake, it’s a dynamic, evolving, and most importantly, personal roadmap of a client’s life. Since he was inspired to enter the profession years ago, this perspective has defined the way Blake serves his clients every day. “My clients can count on me to be a trusted advisor for generations to come,” he says. “I’ll always put their goals, their families and their needs ahead of everything else.”

A Career in Financial Planning and Investment Management

  • Financial Advisor, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors
  • Associate Advisor, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Finance with minors in Financial Planning and Accounting from the University of Minnesota – Duluth
  • Certifications: Certified Financial Planner™ certificant, Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, Series 65 license 

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