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Why Us

At Hewins Financial Advisors, LLC, we see things differently. We’re a CPA-based financial advisory firm that recognizes our clients’ needs extend far beyond the confines of traditional financial planning and investment management.

Whether they’re preparing for life after their business or protecting the legacy they’ve worked years to build, we examine our clients’ entire financial picture. 

How do we do that? We connect comprehensive planning with a tax-efficient, research-driven approach to investing, focused on improving our clients’ financial wellbeing and helping them keep more of what they earn for the long term. 

We believe our clients deserve more than a one-size-fits-all financial plan. So we partner them with an advisory team that’s dedicated to helping them make the best decisions for their financial future, at every stage of their lives.

How We Started

In the late 90s, we recognized a need – to provide the same kind of objective, expert investment consulting that large pension plan clients received. In 1999, we teamed with Wipfli LLP, a leading CPA firm. The strength of a CPA-based financial advisor model would provide a highly comprehensive approach to financial services. The vision of integrated financial services began to take shape and its power soon became apparent. We now offer a range of holistic solutions and services like transition planning, tax and estate coordination, financial planning, insurance consulting, retirement plan services, and investment advice & management.

Hewins also does business under the following names: Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors, LLC, DZH Phillips Wealth Management, TFG Financial Advisors, and Cue Wealth Management Solutions. 

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Green Bay

  • Benjamin Hayes, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors
    Benjamin Hayes
    Principal, Senior Financial Advisor
  • Greg Sintow headshot
    Greg Sintow
    Principal, Regional Director
  • Christine Armstrong headshot
    Christine Armstrong
    Family Office Specialist
  • Samantha Stark headshot
    Samantha Stark
    Associate Advisor
  • Mark Albers headshot
    Mark Albers
    Senior Financial Advisor
  • Daniel Holdridge
    Associate Advisor


Kansas City

  • Jandy Rowe headshot
    Jandy Rowe
    Principal, Director of Client Service
  • Beth Gillihan Headshot
    Beth Gillihan
    Client Service Specialist
  • Jesika Cole Hewins Financial Advisors
    Jesika Cole
    Client Service Specialist
  • Julie Brown Hewins Financial
    Julie Brown
    Client Service Specialist




  • Julie Nichols Headshot
    Julie Nichols
    Principal, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Financial Advisor
  • Connie Roedel Wipfli
    Connie Roedel
    Private Client Services
  • Lora Murphy Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors
    Lora Murphy
    Principal, Senior Financial Advisor
  • Anthony Perillo, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors
    Anthony Perillo
    Financial Advisor
  • Marshall Lund, Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors
    Marshall Lund
    Associate Advisor
  • Geri Hastings
    Staff Accountant
  • Lacey Fisher, Wipfli Hewins
    Lacey Fisher
    Associate Advisor
  • Gloria Klimek, Hewins Financial Advisors
    Gloria Klimeck
    HR Generalist



Redwood City

  • Martha Post headshot
    Martha Post
    Principal, Chief Operating Officer
  • Patrice Cresci headshot
    Patrice Cresci
    Principal, Regional Director
  • Roger Hewins headshot
    Roger Hewins
  • Thuong Thien headshot
    Thuong Thien
    Senior Financial Advisor
  •  Kris Mauger headshot
    Kris Mauger
    Senior Client Service Specialist
  • Ka-Tye Koo headshot
    Ka-Tye Koo
    Principal, Operations Manager
  • Chris Anderson headshot
    Chris Anderson
    Senior Operations Associate
  • Chelsea Blakeley headshot
    Chelsea Blakeley
    Client Service Specialist
  • Sergio Campos headshot
    Sergio Campos
    Technology Associate
  • Carolyn Kelly headshot
    Carolyn Kelly
    Financial Advisor
  • Christina Gann Munguia headshot
    Christina Gann Munguia
    Associate Advisor
  • Derek France
    Trading Associate
  • Andrew Harkin headshot
    Andrew Harkin
    Operations Associate
  • Jojo Li
    Jojo Li
    Associate Advisor
  • Clay Iwanaga-Friedman
    Clay Iwanaga-Friedman
    Compliance Associate
  • Rachel Acosta Headshot, Office Coordinator
    Rachel Acosta
    Office Coordinator
  • Paola Ramos headshot
    Paola Ramos
    Financial Advisor
  • Jedd Nicolas Headshot
    Jedd Nicolas
    Financial Advisor
  • Katie Calagui Hewins Financial
    Katie Calagui
    Director of Talent Management

San Francisco


Eau Claire

La Crosse

St. Paul


  • Scot Roche headshot
    Scot P. Roche
    Principal, Regional Director
  • Kimberly Nguyen headshot
    Kimberly Velasco
    Associate Advisor

Tinley Park


  • Gretchen Halpin headshot, Hewins Financial
    Gretchen Halpin
    Principal, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Lora Murphy Wipfli Hewins Investment Advisors
    Lora Murphy
    Principal, Senior Financial Advisor
  • Brendan Gallagher headshot
    Brendan Gallagher
    Strategic Marketing Manager
  • Amanda Liberatore headshot
    Amanda Liberatore
    Content Marketing Specialist
  • Shaina Nonato headshot
    Shaina Nonato
    Marketing Operations Specialist
  • Julie Honness
    Julie Honness
    Creative Director
  • Jennifer McEachin Hewins Financial Advisors
    Jennifer McEachin
    Marketing Associate

Buffalo Grove




  • headshot placeholder
    Maria Patrick
    Retirement Services Coordinator
  • Rafia Hasan headshot
    Rafia Hasan
    Director of Investments, Financial Advisor

Boca Raton

  • Eric Donner, Senior Financial Advisor, Hewins Financial
    Eric Donner
    Senior Financial Advisor
  • Denise Rodriguez
    Insurance Operations Associate