The 401(k) Process

How Our Process Works

We'll start with a Client Assessment Meeting. During this meeting we work with you to discuss what has gone well for you and identify key areas where your current 401(k) plan can improve.

Once we determine the right retirement plan approach, we’ll help you every step of the way as you implement your new plan. We handle the enrollment process. We also provide employee education and advising to help your employees make the best investment choices for them.

We work with you to ensure a smooth implementation for your business and a positive experience for your employees.

Every Step of the Way

Client Assessment

We’ll sit down and chat about the history of your retirement plan, its current structure, and your priorities for the near future. After this initial discovery meeting, we’ll provide a formal assessment which would include a review and comparative analysis of your current plan’s:

  • Design
  • Fund options
  • Participation rates
  • Saving rates
  • Employee education
  • All-in costs

Client Transition

The transition process has many stages. From notifying your current providers to transferring assets to preparing your employees for the change, you’ll receive complete support. We’ll diligently coordinate the changeover to make it as seamless as possible.

Employee Enrollment Meetings

Employee participation in your retirement plan is essential and an important part of maintaining efficiency in the plan. Each employee will receive a detailed enrollment packet that is specially prepared for your plan. During a series of group or one-on-one sessions, we’ll walk employees through the enrollment materials so they can make informed decisions about retirement planning.

Transfer of Funds

While you’re transitioning from your old provider, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the transfer of your plan’s funds. You'll gain access to your plan’s secure online account. We will provide detailed, transparent information.

Investment Committee Meetings

This is an ongoing service, in which you’ll receive the tools and information that you need to successfully manage your plan. During these meetings, we’ll review your Investment Policy Statement, the plan’s performance, market and economic updates, employee educational topics and much more.

Employee Education

During Employee Education, your staff will learn about retirement planning options and how to make informed financial decisions. We can offer specific communications to help them understand current economic trends or other important financial topics. We also regularly provide a variety of content about financial topics and current market concerns through our blog, LinkedIn, and Facebook, which you can share with your participants.

After Your Plan is Implemented

Once your plan is implemented, we’ll provide ongoing support, education and management for your plan. We do this in person and on-site to ensure the highest quality of service.

Learn how our investment philosophy can help your employees reach their retirement goals.